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Shared Living

We create opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or acquired brain disorders to develop lifelong connections while living in the least restrictive environment. Shared living arrangements may be in the individual’s home or in a provider’s home.


Individuals gain greater independence and have opportunities to participate in activities in their local communities, while receiving the support and companionship of a shared living provider at home. When individuals are referred to shared living services, we take a person-centered approach and work to understand the each person's history, preferences, and vision. This may include where they wish to live, the type of provider they would want to live with, the type of activities they wish to participate in, their cultural preferences and goals. We carefully match individuals to prospective providers following an extensive screening process. All individuals are given the choice of who they want to live with and where they live. Services are individualized and designed around the person’s needs.


When a shared living home is created, our shared living team provides on-going training, support, and oversight to ensure that the individual’s needs are met and that they are making strides towards achieving their goals. We believe our shared living providers are teachers, mentors and friends helping individuals to live a meaningful life at home and in the community.

Traditional Shared Living Services

Our Traditional Shared Living Services offer individuals the choice to live in their home and community, with their family or in an alternative living residence. Through these services,  Shared Living providers work directly with individuals in achieving their independence and goals. 


Specialized Shared Living Services

Our Specialized Shared Living program is unique to LifeConnections and was developed to serve as an alternative to  traditional shared living services and staffed residential service programs. Our program is designed to support individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral needs who would otherwise be served in out of state placements and/or group living settings.  This service incorporates residential staff support and embedded clinical services from our Clinical Intervention Support Team.


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