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New Hampshire Adult Services

Serving Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
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We provide services throughout the State of New Hampshire for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities  receiving services through the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (BDS) and  local Area Agencies. We work with the ten Area Agencies throughout the State to provide the following services and supports:

Traditional Shared Living Services

Our Shared Living Services offer individuals the choice to live in their home and community, with their family or in an alternative living residence. Through these services,  Shared Living providers work directly with individuals in achieving their independence and goals.


Specialized Shared Living Services

Our Specialized Shared Living program is unique to LifeConnections and serves as an alternative to  traditional shared living services and staffed residential service programs. Our program is designed to support individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral needs. This service incorporates residential staff support and embedded clinical services from our Clinical Intervention Support Team.

Clinical Response Team

Our Clinical Response Team (CRT) utilizes a wraparound team-based planning model that is multi-faceted and individualized for individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral needs. Our Clinical Response Team includes an array of professionals with extensive experience working with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or acquired brain disorders. Our team includes a licensed psychologist, , psychiatrist, registered nurse and a behavior specialist. The team engages the individual, providers, and staff to assess and monitor evolving needs, make recommendations, and create strategies to support the individual in a holistic and person-centered manner.

Community Participation Services

Our Community Participation Services provide opportunities for individuals to participate in activities of their choice in  their local communities. We create individualized  activities for each person based on their abilities and interests. With support from our DSP’s, individuals have the opportunity to learn about community resources, participate in specialized classes, volunteer and/or work in their community.

Management Staff
Julie McKenna
Intake & Placement Manager
Julie has been working in this field for over ten years.  She has been a DSP, program manager and most recently the Intake and Placement Manager. Julie is excellent at collaborating both internally as well as externally with outside stakeholders.  She strives to contribute to this company in ways that keep the intake process moving forward. 

Julie has a willingness to jump in and help find ways to better improve the company’s intake and admissions process not only in NH, but in other states as well. Julie is a team player who is quick to offer help with solving internal issues. Whether it be working with the program managers to find new placements for existing individuals or working with upper management on ways to improve the intake and admissions process so that individuals coming into our services have a smooth transition. 
Keith Chauvette
Training Manager

Keith Chauvette is a retired Police Lieutenant and holds a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from St. Anselm College. Keith  has worked for LifeConnections for the past four and a half years and has held the roles of DSP and Program Manager before transitioning into his current role as a Training Manager for Direct Support Professionals (DSP). Keith is committed to fostering a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and professional growth among DSPs while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, communication, and adaptability.  He looks forward to contributing to the success and development of DSPs, ensuring that they make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they support.
Jamie Stone
Director of Recruitment & Retention
Jamie holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of New Hampshire. She has over six years of experience working with youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has worked has a home care provider, foster care provider, DSP  and Director. She is excited to serve as a Professional Development Coach, providing support and recognition to our frontline staff. Jamie enjoys hiking with her dog and spending time watching my kids at swim meets and soccer games. She  believes in self-care and the impact it has on a person's happiness and success.
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