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New Hampshire Youth Services

Foster Care 

We partner with the Department of Children, Youth and Families in New Hampshire to provide ISO Foster Care and Specialized Foster Care Services to youth of all ages. We recruit, train and license foster and pre-adoptive homes throughout the State of New Hampshire.


Each youth receives weekly clinical support provided by master's level and/or licensed clinicians. We utilize a strength-based, holistic, and multi-disciplinary approach that is grounded in evidenced based practices.

ISO Foster Care

Our ISO Foster Care Program provides intensive support to children typically between the ages of 1 and 21. The program takes an individualized approach to care for youth who exhibit chronic mental, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges, and require a high level of supervision and structure.


The ISO Foster Care model provides youth with the opportunity to live in a private family home with experienced providers.  Our ISO Foster Care providers may be families, couples or individuals that provide an opportunity for youth to  learn new skills, socialize, participate in community activities, develop natural supports, and live a meaningful life within their community.

Specialized Foster Care

Our Specialized Foster Care Program is unique to LifeConnections and serves as an alternative to traditional ISO Foster Care  services and group care.  It is a family foster care service option that was developed to provide a continuum of care for youth and adults that are ready to transition from a staffed residential setting and/or in need of an individualized residential setting with staffing  and  intensive wraparound clinical services.  The Specialized Shared Living model provides an individual with the opportunity to live in a private family home with experienced providers. 


Our Clinical Intervention Support Team is imbedded in this service model.  The team is multi-faceted and individualized for individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral needs.  Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience working with individuals with I/DD and/or acquired brain disorders. This includes a Psychiatrist, Psychologist and experienced behavior specialists. This team will engage the individual, providers, staff and team to assess needs, make recommendations and create strategies to support the individual.   

Management Staff
Katie Jordan
State Director

Katie is the State Director for New Hampshire's Foster Care Program. She has eight years' experience in the areas of business development, clinical and program leadership in the client service,  child welfare, and behavioral health fields. Previously, Katie served as an ISO Clinical Case Manager at LifeShare Management Group where she provided services to youth and foster providers. Katie holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. She resides in NH with her husband and two children.

Cathleen Dayton
Licensing Specialist

Cathleen Dayton is the Licensing Specialist for New Hampshire's Foster Care Program. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Plymouth State College and has over nineteen years’ experience in the areas of social work, childcare, and program management. Prior to working at LifeConnections, Cathleen was the Owner and Director of a daycare/preschool  center for ten years, where she oversaw the day-to-day operations and took an active role in identifying  emotional and developmental issues among the children she supervised. Prior to serving as a Provider Resource Specialist and ISO Case Manager, Cathleen served as an ISO Case Manager for youth and families at LifeShare Management Group for six months. 

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